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Virtual States of Active Spacetime

All theories, including those of the ultra-microstructure of spacetime, are based on models and interpretations employing fluid concepts and creative analogies. New models demand defensible interpretations that demonstrate they are more than clever metaphors.

Still, metaphors help us wrap our minds around the as-yet-unknown. Possible worlds are only invoked to make sense of counter-factual fidings. They help us grope toward ideas we can't yet describe more precisely, much less mathematically.

Though many scientists and energy medicine specialists try new paradigm approaches, they don't go far enough and still try to fit anomalies into the standard approach of ZPE fiilling all space. Looking at this domain as nonphysical electromagnetic energy in nature may be an unnecessarily limiting assumption. What is need is a housecleaning and broader view. EM theory has inherent contradictions, misinterpretations and omissions about logitudinal waves and negentropy.

Quantum Cosmology

The universe is a rogue wave. The secret life of subspace reveals an unseen radiant potential living in the resonating gaps of existence. Probability is highest at resonance.

Dark matter and energy is quantized time and will remain dark because of its fine grain. Very roughly speaking, gravity is the reciprocal of time and also a decay product of time. Gravitation can only be the geometric precipitate of time. Only time can propel the expansion of a universe that is at least middle aged.  The future isn't what it used to be.

Holograms can be formed of any wave medium. Structure plays a central role in life, but energy patterns are its foundation. Interference patterns link them and fractals chop structure into coded and sequenced packets. The energy packets are already coded.

Cavity resonance of structured space, when oscillating , births waves. Particles come from turbulance in expanding time. Heavy cavity resonance births resonance particles, virtual particles. Waves can become particles by two routes, the apparent duality. As Planck noted, there is no matter, as such.

Using the rogue wave analogy, the salient feature of a long explosion is a humungous bow-wave forming spacetime from time and generating waves that find their own resonance zone, settling out in turbulent eddies and backwash. In some media, that's very much how solitons form too. The solitary wave can be slow but other effects travel ahead and behind.

The duality is in regard to ORIGIN whether primary, from time turbulance or secondary, from buildup of resonance. "Rememberance" of origin could be the smoking gun that divides bosonic and fermionic particles into species - the particle zoo. This implies extraction of energy from the vacuum must be by particles not waves. Only particles can't be both wave and particle.

Dead or Alive

Most matter is just matter at the particle level. Protons are the basis of matter. The majority species are of inanimate, ordinary protons with a minority with something extra, due to quark packing.

If so, we might speculate that all protons are not created equal. Some are energy rich primary particles, born of time itself, with different internal quark state and non-spherical silhouette. The majority would be dead protons, generating dead hydrogen and dead waters.

These 'dead' protons probably include 80-90% of all protons. Their internal quarks with perfectly spherical silhouettes, would be better packed. This pre-geometrical system of close-packed spheres is the basis of synergetics and tensegrity (Fuller). It makes cosmic jitterbugging among tetrahedral geometries possible.

Molecular Geodesics

The Cosmic Zero of vector equilibrium is present everywhere, all the time. It is at the core of synergetic process, but never exists as such in nature because nature doesn't pause there. Synergetics has been demonstrated as the self-assembling basis of atomic nuclei. The resultant tensegrity has been shown as a crucial structural element of life (Ingber, SciAm).

Tensegrity is the structural relationship that permits dynamic integrity of whole structures and organisms. It means mechanical stability from dynamic balance of tensional and compressive forces. It helps maintain shapes and homeostasis. It distributes and balances mechanical stress. It preserves the architecture of life by maintaining patterns.

Universal rules guide the design of all inert and organic structure. Geodesic structure is found everywhere in nature at all scales. There are rules for the self-assembly of atoms, complex molecules and on up the hierarchal spectrum to viral forms, living cells, tissues, and complex organisms.

Both organic and inorganic matter are made of the same building blocks: atoms of carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen (C-H-O-N) and phosphorus. Spatial arrangement in how the atoms self-assemble in three-dimensional space is the only distinction.


Hopefully, not conflating the phenomenal with the mental, we might consider that primordial 'consciousness' is more fundamental than any holographic process. It may initiate the holographic domain by an as-yet-unknown link akin to exerting some 'pressure' on spacetime causing it to 'curl' on itself.

It is possible, even plausible, that in biophysics anything holographic is easily recognizable by its super-redundance and fractalization. This applies to bodies, memories, and the mechanical switches that determine by "voting" the subtleties of expression possible in the functioning of a particular gene.

Science is not yet aware of this maze of possibilities for each gene because it isnt in DNA. Using genetics. a 12 year old could conceivably build a human being from scratch with drug store chemicals, if that is all there is to it. However, the agency that works those switches is not physical and it is consciousness, which is YOU.

Consciousness expresses and structures the ambient energy flow into the appropriately coded and sequenced packets. Those packets need not be visible photons. Nature communicates by transmitting patterns of energy, but the accent can either be on "energy" or bonding events. Specification of the image and structure is the common bond.

Architectural tensegrity applies at every detectable size scale in the body: atoms, molecules, proteins, DNA, cells, cytoskeleton, connective tissue, extracellular matrix, cartilage, skin, microtubules, muscles, ligaments, skeleton, and so forth.

This mechanics controls biochemistry. Changing cytoskeletal geometry and mechanics affects biochemical reactions and even alters the genes that are activated and thus the proteins that are made.



Virtual Physics describes jitterbugging quantum subspace plasma.

Vacuum potential is infinite but subject to stress potential waves.

Vacuum is chaotic: disintegrated, nonlinear, far from equilibrium, deterministic, negentropic, dynamic.

Light varies speed in denser energy environments.

Time has a quantized negative time-reversed backpulse.

Spacetime (ST) is flat and expands in scale invariant acceleration.

Hyperspace vacuum ST consists entirely of various potentials.

Local spacetime is curved and varies in energetic density.

Negentropy results from local curvature of spacetime.

Gravity is enfolded EM potential.

Electromagnetism is unfolding gravity.

Gravitons are enfolded photons.

Photons are quantized bundles of radiant energy.

Lacking magnetic poles, photons appear to be their own antiphotons.

Vacuum and spacetime are made of photon-structured gravitons and supergravitons.

Modern science has ignored the time increment carried by photons.

Gravitons, virtual particles with speed faster than light, connect higher dimensions to the physical universe.

Systems can be in equilibrium or disequilibrium with the active vacuum environment.

Systems far from equilibrium are self-ordering, self-oscillating, self-rotating, self-powering and negentropic (self-resonant charge interception).

Particles resonate to the frequency of incoming fields or potential energy.

Potentials are primordial and fields are changes to the potential.

Scalar potential is not a scalar "entity" but a bidirectional longitudinal EM wave and EM energy flow.

The scalar field is the most important for cosmology and quantum effects.

Scalar (time-polarized) density waves can engineer the vacuum.

Time itself is the fuel of the universe and the fuel of our future.

All life forms are multidimensional virtual vacuum engines.

Primordial Awareness is Clear Light.


Scalar Energy Information

Scalar field theory (SFT) is a set of theories popularized by Thomas E. Bearden (and often rejected by mainstream science) which are claimed to restore certain aspects of electromagnetic theory discarded in the 19th Century by John Henry Poynting and Oliver Heaviside.

Scalar waves in these theories (as opposed to a scalar field in mainstream physics) are hypothetical waves, which differ from the conventional electromagnetic transverse waves by having two oscillations anti-parallel with each other, each originating from opposite charge sources, thereby lacking any net directionality. Such waves are claimed to be conjugates of each other, and as a result, if left unperturbed, can pass through ordinary matter with relative ease, so they are not included in mainstream physics. Although they have characteristics of longitudinal waves, they are unlike well-understood physical phenomenon such as sound waves or ocean waves.
Scalar waves are called also "electromagnetic longitudinal waves", "Maxwellian waves", or "Teslawellen" (tr., "Tesla waves") Terminology

The basic understanding of scalar field theory begins with several definition of terms within the theory, which are also used in academic physics, but assigns them other meanings.

    * A "scalar field" is a set of assigned observable magnitudes at every point in n-dimensional space (compare this with the
       standard  definition; n is also 4 or greater).
    * An "electric field" is composed of the spinning charged mass, in motion through a finite change in electrostatic scalar potential
      (compare this with the current academic definition).
    * A "potential" is pure energy and, is any ordering (static or dynamic) in the vacuum (eg., the position of the object relative to  other objects).
    * A "scalar potential" is the stationary ordering in the virtual particle flux of the vacuum (compare this with the current academic  definition).
    * A "vector potential" is any nonstationary ordering in the virtual particle flux of vacuum (compare this with the current academic definition).
      Scalar  potentials and vector potentials are thus defined as: "contained" inside the energy domain.

Magnetic fields interaction

SFT is based on "non-symmetrical regauging" potentials, demonstrated by the interaction of two magnetic fields. When the field lines oppose each other, the magnets are pulled together. When the fields are aligned in the same direction, the magnets push apart.

The theory states that when two magnets strongly oppose each other but are not permitted to move apart, the force between them is said to create a "scalar bubble" between the magnets. The greater the repulsive force, the larger this scalar bubble becomes. As the magnets move away and the pushing force decreases, the scalar bubble shrinks in size and strength.

In a similar manner, the theory states that when two magnets that are strongly attracted create a "scalar void" between them that grows larger the closer the two magnets become. Two magnets powerfully attracted to one another create a very large scalar void, that decreases as the attracting magnets are moved apart.
Field effects of scalar energy

SFT suggests that scalar energy can move through space much like an electromagnetic wave. However, the operating principles are different. The regular expansion and contraction of a scalar bubble/void is like rhythmically splashing water on a pond. It sends out ripples through the general scalar field that can subtly affect the size and strength of distant scalar bubbles/voids.

This means that a pair of magnets that are rhythmically opposing/attracting each other may be sending out scalar ripples through space that will slightly perturb the scalar bubble/void between a second pair of magnets nearby. The net effect is that the attraction and/or repulsion between the second pair of magnets could exhibit a change in strength, even though the magnets and fields themselves are motionless. (Thomas E. Bearden's views)

Main article: Thomas E. Bearden

Bearden claims that most electrical devices are designed with little intention to interact electrical fields flowing outside and parallel

to a conductor. Such flows are said to have been discovered, independently, by Poynting and Heaviside. Bearden claims these flows of electrical potential were rendered insignificant by both of them for their fear of being cast as "perpetual motion nuts", as well as their inability to conceive of any source for such electrical potential. Bearden's explanation allegedly accounts for this electrical potential by dispensing with the idea that energy is conserved in ordinary three dimensional space and claims that, instead, it is conserved fundamentally in four-dimensional spacetime. He claims such that energy can cross from one time to another, as well as one space to another, creating an illusion of a violation of energy conservation. Bearden claims this "Dark EM Energy" is pulled in from the fourth dimension of spacetime (i.e. the time dimension) by the formation of electric dipole moments. He claims that it is possible to intercept these fields in ways that do not significantly add to the deterioration of the dipole, allowing extraction of electric potential in the empty region surrounding the electric dipole.

Theory of operation
Theory of a basic scalar communications system

A scalar communications broadcast antenna does not make any sense according to normal electromagnetic theory. The goal of a scalar broadcast antenna is to create powerful repulsion/attraction between two magnetic fields, to create large scalar bubbles/voids. This is done by using a broadcast antenna with two opposing electromagnetic coils that effectively cancel out as much of each other's magnetic field as possible. An ideal scalar broadcast antenna will emit no electromagnetic field (or as little as possible), since all power is being focused into the repulsion/attraction between the two opposing magnetic fields. Normal electromagnetic theory suggests that since such a device emits no measurable electromagnetic field, it is useless and will only heat up. For a scalar broadcast antenna, any normal RF emission is wasted energy.

A scalar reception antenna similarly excludes normal electromagnetic waves and only measures changes in magnetic field attraction and repulsion. This will typically be a two-coil powered antenna that sets up a static opposing or attracting magnetic field between the coils. The coils are counter-wound so that any normal RF signal will be picked up by both coils simultaneously and effectively cancel itself out, leaving only the scalar component.



Nuclei with even numbers of protons and neutrons are more stable than those with odd numbers. Some combinations are more stable than others, and the numbers of protons or neutrons in such cases are called 'magic.' Gaps in nuclear levels cause nuclei with 'magic' numbers of protons or neutrons to be especially stable. This is explained by a model where the nucleus is made up of different shells that are filled with neutrons and protons.

Nuclei that are "doubly magic" -- that possess a full shell of neutrons and a full shell of protons -- may be stable. The numbers 20 and 28 are what nuclear physicists call "magicnumbers." Nuclei with this many protons or neutrons get an extra measure of stability. Magic numbers probably do not have a spherical field.

When the source charge (electron) absorbs virtual photon after observable photon from the vacuum interaction, it is absorbing totally ordered virtual bits of EM energy from the seething disordered vacuum. In short, this process provides a true “Maxwell’s Demon”. It is already inherent in the very notion of an observable charge absorbing a virtual photon from the vacuum.

So these coherent bits of virtual energy change are also changed individually to virtual bits of virtual mass-energy change of the electron. As change after change occurs, these ordered virtual changes of virtual mass-energy of the absorbing observable charge coherently integrate until sufficient “energy x time” is reached to comprise a quantum of change. Whereupon the incessant zitterbewegung (buffeting) of the vacuum on the electron will “knock out” the emission of a real, observable photon. So the charge also acts as a true “Feynman Ratchet”, coherently integrating virtual state energy up to quantal level energy.

With the abrupt emission of an observable photon, the excitation of the source charge abruptly decays to zero again, and the cycle repeats – over and over, incessantly.  Hence the charge can sit there and spew out real, observable EM energy – real observable photons – continually. Every charge in the original universe has been doing it for some 13 billion years, and it will do it for 13 billion more years if the universe lasts that long. ~Bearden, 2006


Art by Iona Miller, 2006 

It's Alive:
Subquantal Dynamics

In the deepest sense, there is really no 'material' existence. Science cannot accurately describe mind, being, life, death, time, matter/energy and charge, or mind/matter coupling, either.

"The entire universe is already "alive" in a very special sense. There is no death; there is mind (I use the term "mind" in the most general sense, not just the conscious mind which is merely a "periscope" put up and taken down from the unconscious). And mind is not a part of the brain, and it is indeed separated from body but intimately linked to it by the mind-body coupling dynamics. Further, any life that has "ever existed" still dynamically exists in a special kind of more fundamental electrodynamics infolded inside all normal EM fields, waves, and potentials. The Tibetans knew much of this very well, but of course in terms that our materialistic science rejects or completely fails to understand "

"Not only can one have a "material entity" or thing communicating with another "material entity" or thing, but one can also have a "mental thing" (time-domain thing with no spatial existence) communicating with a "material entity or thing" with only spatial existence, and vice versa. There is indeed a coupling two-way mechanism."~Tom Bearden, 2001

Life on earth is a sympathetic resonant coupling of physical forms to mind-forms already there. Earth is already internally structured with every possible form of life ever in the universe anywhere. Life and its environment are both living and intercommuting constantly. All "living forms" are materialized from energy: both matter-energy and time-energy and the dynamics of the two.

We inhabit a nonlinear living universe, not an inert one. There is not a single point in the universe anywhere that is absent of energy and therefore absent of life, in the virtual vacuum model. In living physics, the entire universe is 'alive' in this very special manner.


Consciousness is the highest order energy and affects our universe soley by its compressionall effect on quantized time-space. Timespace is spacetime where time is the more primary stuff.  This can be modulated into infinite variety of secondary, tertiary effects and can be willed, directed - though with difficulty.

Sure, it is self-evident that observer state influences what observer sees-BUT THAT IS UNRELATED TO OBSERVER EFFECT IN QM
To stay afloat and gain traction in Germany-the foremost country in all sciences- Heisenberg had to kiss up to the still-minority nazis. The result was uncertainty principle #1 which embodied crude observer effect which called GM into question by declaring that fine measurements couldnt be done without changing what was measured.
Mathematical proofs by others soon showed that, even if we had perfect measuring instruments, uncertainty would still exist in the realm of the vey small due to limitations imposed by Planck length
The avant garde quantum mechanics have mixed two invalid ideas and come up with a third invalid idea and promoted it for 30 years till they believe their own sales hype.

The fact is that the event is the same whether observed or not---contary ideas are entirely due to grade school misunderstanding of uncertainty principle which is ITSELF  bogus!

The math that makes the uncertainty principle also proves that it cannot apply to particles or waves but only to entities equally particle and wave. Such entities probably do not exist and such candidates as are proposed are steadily being unmasked as fast back and forth oscillation between wave state and particle state. The guestimate frequency of that oscillation would freeest and most indicative of quantize time space at 465 tetra hz

How the the use of quantum theory could cause an effect on living organisms? I would agree that any measurement of (putative)quantum coherent processes in a living organism should have an effecton such processes (possibly causing decoherence) , but this idea is not new, it follows from Heisemberg´s principle.

the highly developed and promoted holographic universe idea could be
rescued merely by invoking, as a starting point, a secondary,
pseudogravity, a biograviton, which travels at c, obeys inverse square
law , is massless and dark. it would be generated by electric
interaction with time space. almost everything in holgraphic universe
would stay the same although the holographic model could not go to
consciousness unless there are MANY many-worlds. that part is moot
anyway as quantized time means that each consciousness is a complete
miniature universe.

you can state it the right way or the rube goldberg way. they are
equivilant. consciousness uber al.; including, barely, time, quantized
or not.

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