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Microphysics: Sacred or Profane? Iona Miller 2/2007

Invisible Field of Active Illumination 

MICROPHYSICS: Top-Down/Bottom-Up

The mindbody is electronic, but it is rooted in the luminosity of its invisible ground. Living systems are very sensitive to tiny energy fields and resonance phenomena, both locally and at a distance. They allow the cells of the body to work together instantaneously and symphonically. All biological processes are a function of electromagnetic field interactions. EM fields are the connecting link between the world of form and resonant patterns. EM fields embody or store gestalts, patterns of information. Biochemical action and bioelectronic action meet at the quantum-junction.

We can return to Nature and our nature, collectively preparing a paradigm shift for a new shared reality and trajectory of physical, emotional, cognitive and spiritual coherence. The silent frictionless flow of living intelligence is beyond words and conceptual constructs. We are a process of recursive self-generation. This continuum, which is our groundstate or creative Source, is directly discoverable in the immediacy of the emergent embodied moment, in the living Light that generates our Being.

Strange mutual dependence this, in which the appearance needs the 
reality in order to exist, but the reality needs the appearance in
order to be known
.” ~William James

"Consciousness is a stream of intentional information. Intentional
information is encoded in physical information, being decoded (and
e-encoded) by our use of it . Physical information
is basically just material form. Simple!
" ~Robin Faichney, JCS

Nature and Human Nature: 

Does Cosmic Consciousness live in Infinite Space? Some suggest an equivalence. It has become popular to equate scalar fields with primordial consciousness, and I've probably implied as much in the past.

But can the conscious world be brought inside the domain of physics? Are the mental and physical two accounts of the same thing? Describing how they might match has practical complications, especially without biophysical testing to back it up. Neural correlates might interface as patterns of sending and receiving messages.

In relativity theory spacetime cannot be separated, but it may be possible that time is quantized and reversed at the subquantal level. A quantum is an individual discrete entity. Relativity, which mixes spacetime coordinates in a continuum, cannnot be reconciled with quantum mechanics. So, now we are thinking there may be deeper unsuspected domains than the scalar field of absolute space and are exploring that notion for viability.

Microphysics is the collective term for the physics of atomic and subatomic systems described in quantum mechanics (QM). The scalar field itself is a disassembled domain devoid of any actual 'waveforms'.  Virtual vacuum fluctuation (zero-point energy) is one of its known properties.

But is the conscious world within the domain of physics at all, virtual or otherwise? We just don't know how things 'work' at or below the level of Planck length, our smallest metric. This universal constant marks the fine structure dimension of action (energy x time). There is still plenty to discover about the nature of matter but it may not shed any light on consciousness, personal or primordial.

How can interaction or descriptions be conceived, unless both are found 'all the way down'? Conscious experience and the world of physics are very different categories, though attempts have been made to unify them as experiential ultimates. Solving consciousness would mean rationally reconciling  how our phenomenal and emotional world relates to dynamic physics.

As ever, we must be careful not to confuse the primordial nature of consciousness with any of its human contents, which can include our theories, interpretation and conjectures about the nature of the deepest layers of our experiential Reality, which may be psychologically based and utterly lacking empirical data.  The human unconscious may be considered analogous to the nonobservable subquantum world, in that we have to infer their contents.

The Source

Phenomenology of the human psyche must not be confounded with phenomenology of microphysics, though the meeting of the two raises the age old mind/body problem.  Holistic approaches avoid this hard problem from the start, but raise other issues about both assumptions and hypotheses, in light of the history of scientific revolutions. We have yet to find a unified theory that satisfies all criteria from subatomic to cosmological realms.

We tend to mystify the threshold of our own penetration into fine structure, but once we 'get it' it is just another functional operator, NOT any primal cause. This is a difficult line to walk, which may have more to do with human beliefs than the structure of reality itself.  Values are not facts.

So-called 'consciousness studies' experts often have limited knowledge of physics, because they come from other disciplines.  The whole inquiry of this young science has been the source of much confusion.  Physicists aren't necessarily the most accomplished philosophers,  psychologists or mystics. This is the subjective realm of social interaction, which is still important though not objective.

Experimentor bias toward pet theories is the norm. Conscious awareness is a separate issue, a 'wetware' subject covered extensively in neuropsychology and neurophysiology, rather than quantum mechanics. It also has different criteria than non-local consciousness based in quantum entanglement.

Quantum mind processes are far from demonstrated, even where they can be presumed to exist. They arise in theories that suggest intentional mind-over-matter may be potentiated when a single quantum chaotically perturbs the brain leading to a cascade of desireable change, such as healing or other psychophysical results.


Nostalgia for the Return to Nature:

The borderlands of knowledge are subject to new age cultural memes we find enticing as a replacement for older models of the sacred.  We just keep pushing that boundary back further and further.

The public casually follows scientific investigation and commentators pull emotionally appealling bits of data from that pool to feed their curiosity.  Adding to the problem of extraction, they often combine bits from several irreconcilable theories to form disinformation that can spread through subcultures rather quickly.

This meme-contamination happened with the idea that Schumann's Resonance was rising from 8 to 13 Hz, which is decidedly not the case, nor is there evidence to suggest it.  But the myth is now ingrained in the culture, and they are loath to give it up.

Often something gets lost in the translation, and just as often some cultural gloss is added to it.  Often it makes the material "more marketable", essentially describing something the public would like to hear.  Ideas that are suggested in science are taken as fact or even laws of physics.  Means of implementing them in one's life are presumed as natural consequences.

There is likely no even approximate way to describe anything like consciousness in action for quite some time. But there will be many theories with "hooks" and "buzzwords", such as intentionality and the law of attraction which claim roots in the virtual vacuum, which may or may not have any bearing once sounder theories come along.

They describe our current fantasies about Reality and embody our hopes and desires for some Divine Agency beyond our puny selves. The deep nature of reality is awesome, but there may not be any 'ghost in the machine' in terms of the standards of past historical epochs.

All this is more bound up with trends in pop cultural and human beliefs and emotional needs than subquantal physics. To presume otherwise may be painfully naive, and obscure the nature of Nature and our own nature, rather than revealing it.

Still, the mystical analogies can be made, even if godhead cannot be identified, as such. Each and every one of us is an aspect of nature's process.  Our being is welded to the cosmos, which is equally within and without us. It is unlikely we will stop digging down toward infinity.


Come venture in the slipstream that leads to the center of the Self.  Jung was always interested in the interface of psyche and matter, where the imaginal becomes embodied. This led to developing his theory of synchronicity, acausal connectedness, with physicist  Wolfgang Pauli (a longterm patient), in the early days of quantum mechanics.  Synchronicity caught the public's attention and whether it compromises either physics or depth psychology, the notion persists to describe those uncanny coincidences we all experience.

Conscious experiences belong to streams of conscious experiences, and these streams are part of nature's process.  This process has aspects that are described in psychological language, in terms of thoughts, ideas, perceptions, or feelings which have various qualities that have been given phenomenological names. 

Each person constitutes an aspect of nature's process that possesses a stream of consciousness. We can say, therefore, that a stream of conscious thoughts has psychologically decribable properties. 

What "has" this property is primarily a conscious experience, secondarily the stream of conscious experiences to which the experience belongs.  An aware person, an aspect of nature's process, "has" that stream of consciousness. 

If there is experience occuring, then to what is that experience occuring? We should actually ask "IN WHAT" is that that occuring. The answer is in a stream of consciousnss which is part of nature's psychophysical process, and "to" an aware person by appearing in that person's stream of consciousness.

The moment-to-moment root of that person, awareness, and consciousness does reside in the the cosmic root of the scalar world -- our invisible ground.  Perhaps the real question is 'how do we ever imagine we are not one with the universe?'

What's New with My Subject?

Begin With the Unknown

"Every charge in the universe already freely and continuously pours out EM energy in 3-space in all directions, without any observable EM energy input. That is the well-concealed source charge problem, known but ignored by the leaders of the scientific community for a century. All EM fields and potentials and their energy come from those source charges, according to electrodynamics itself. Either we must give up the conservation of energy law entirely, or else we must accept the fact that unobservable virtual EM mass and energy are continuously absorbed from the vacuum by the source charge, transduced into real observable EM energy, and then re-radiated in 3-space in all directions as observable EM energy, creating the associated fields and potentials reaching out across the universe." ~Tom Bearden

The challenge of describing operational processes below the threshold of subspace ends abruptly in conceptual failure where observability and inference both fail. We know exactly as much as we can infer about physical reality from our perceptual experience.

Actual entities arise from the present nanosecond within the flow of phenomenal time, though its assertion of independence may be fleeting.  Even if it transcends the threshold of virtuality to appear as an actual physical entity, it may not achieve further extension.

We can only comprehend an actual entity in the process of becoming or duration that is the actualization of the potential of organization embodied in spacetime.  Through duration, virtual or etheric matter ascends through the threshold as physical matter.  Likewise, as a quantum fluctuation of subspace it descends rapidly in an abbreviated cycle of becoming.

We have some plausibly accurate means of describing how proto-matter arises from a virtual vortex, we have possible descriptions of that deep field, but we have only conjecture what virtual forces impinge on it from more primordial domains. Quantum mechanics doesn’t offer any real explanation how quantum events occur.

Does active information “move” electrons through its active field or is the relation more deeply intimate, structurally? Or is it more like analog spacetime self-organizes into macroscopic/metric SpaceTime from a digital substructure below the microscopic level,QX?

Ambient space could be described as a condensation or epiphenomenon of the atomistic and finite QX network.  In a digital universe all quantities in nature are discrete and finite, representable by an integer. There are no infinities (Fredkin 2000; Abraham, Roy; 2007)

Philosophers might eqate Q with the noumenon. The Q continuum is atomized by the actual entity. The physical entity atomizes the timespace as a dynamic dipolar subject. Its subjective pole corresponds to time and the objective to space. It manifests its potential. The whole dipolar subject occupies the physical world but is undergird by subspace processes.

In our search for wholeness, we have to look deeper no matter where it takes us into inherent order or chaos. So far, the secret of everything appears to be a virtually bottomless pit – a numinous Abyss of transcendent imagination. Science has always provided metaphors of experiential processes, lately from chaos theory and quantum mechanics.

But are these analogies more than metaphor?  Can we recalibrate ourselves from the groundfloor of existence? If the universe is alive and informs us, how does it let us know? 

When we reach the limits of scientific conceptuality we often reach, personally and collectively, for metaphors of the divine – the infinite sacred.  Is this because space, light and timelessness are the prime metaphors of mystical apprehension that they have this seemingly archetypal effect on us when we hit the conceptual lacuna?

The Quiet Void

The investigation often raises more questions than it answers. The science of neurotheology shows the real issue is meaning, not physics. Lack of understanding of neurological and psychological dynamics can lead to faulty interpretations and attributions of personal experience.

For example, we can experience a sense of timelessness when our parietal-lobe circuits and spatial orientation centers go offline leaving us in a 'quiet vacuum', a seeming Void. We may even hear 'the Voice of the Silence' from our electrically stormy temporal lobes.



"When the parietal lobes quiet down, a person feels an expansive oneness with the universe or cosmic unity.  For a mystical experience to occur, brain regions that orient us in space and mark the distinction between self and world must go quiet.

In order to feel that time, fear and self-consciousness have dissolved, certain brain circuits must be interrupted.  Which ones?  Activity in the amygdala, which monitors the environment for threats and registers fear, must be damped.  Parietal-lobe circuits, which orient you in space and mark the sharp distinction between self and world, must go quiet. The orientation area requires sensory input to do its calculations.  Intense meditation blocks the brain from forming a distinction between self and world.  Frontal- and temporal-lobe circuits, which mark time and generate self-awareness, must disengage.  When this happen what we think of as our 'higher' functions of self hood appear briefly to drop out, dissolve, or be deleted from consciousness." http://www.geocities.com/iona_m/Neurotheology/Neurotheology101.html

If we hold a belief, we naturally seek validation and employ the metaphors that support it, mistaking those different levels for sameness in a rapid non-critical assessment. Self-referencing and evaluation is imprecise at best, and riddled with hidden variables.

This effect stereotypes our responses and the effect can spread through emotional resonance from person to person as an information virus through the field of human culture and group-think.  But emotional resonance is not the same as physical resonance and may even include basic manipulation and mind control aspects of contagion, persuasion and coercion.

Quantum Well - Quantum Wellness

Another common assumption which is enticing is that active space is characterized by primordial sentience, awareness, or even consciousness independent of matter or organisms. This certainly isn't a new idea, but it is enjoying a modern fractal reiteration, yet 'the song remains the same.' 

This mystical notion is as old as the Vedas and personified in anthropomorphic notions of God, but has come back in New Age form as a primordial property of the active vacuum, though few even plausible theories have been successfully unpacked and defended.

Distance healers have developed a wireless technology with computer interface for quantum healing. Energetic medicine, biofeedback and custom-calibrated therapies are based on the same assumed principle that directed intentionality can help heal others through subspace.

Energetic healers claim to reprogram diseased informational fields or field disturbances through resonance. The recipient must be open to the emotional/spiritual process. Sincere medical personnel claim real results. But is this a human belief transaction or a subspace transmission?

It is always a mystery when the body goes into a healing cycle, but relief is good even if it is placebo effect, rather than a nonlocal subspace phenomenon.

In a very real sense, what isn't a subspace phenomenon since everything arises from there? Many believe The Secret of the law of attraction follows the formula "ask, believe, receive," backed by an action plan, to potentiate a flow state in the local field with universal support.

But is this an existential truth or a way of being and describing, doing and understanding? It relates to the so-called "hard problem" of the subjective/objective quality of experience. Does it require etheric support?

Isn't this a retread of an old Theosophical notion now with a [non]materialistic rationale in the virtual vacuum of subspace? Is it a truth, an attribution of an effect to the wrong cause, a category error, or a phenomenological belief? The field is subject to memes, trends, even fads of belief, which should not be ignored in the Big Picture.

In physics, energy trapped in a quantum well is unable to convert to another form of energy, unless sufficient energy is added to the system. Then a particle can tunnel through the walls of the quantum potential well. But in healing is this symbolic or real? How is this different from the psychophysical formula of cyclic rebirth that the old self must "die" before the new self can emerge?


Though supposedly rooted in biophysics, quantum healing may just be literalized wishful thinking for the fantasy-prone. More traditional systems are based in subtle energy fields (Qi, chi, prana) beyond the known EM spectrum. The integrity of an organism is linked to its holistic state, so any intervention at any psychophysical level can create an amplified state-change.

Research shows these non-local healing avenues are worth more study, whether current attributions of success have been identified or not. However it works, holographic repatterning does seem to be a resource we can draw from the living energy universe. Matter becomes imagination, and imagination becomes embodied. The present actual entity as a whole dipolar subject is intentionally combined with each of the eternal objects of the universal field.

Consciousness is a multidisciplinary study that includes cognitive psychology, neurophysiology, neuropsychology, parapsychology, memetics, philosophy, semiotics, systems theory, physics, mysticism, comparative religion, transpersonal psychology, spiritual technology, self-regulation, and more.

As in physics, there is no intellectual consensus in consciousness studies as a scientific not merely philosophical investigation. First, you have to choose which theoretical basis from physics to root your theory in, then describe the mechanisms and ramifications. As yet, there are no generally acceptable theoretical frameworks. We have to grope toward that, seeking answers with our intuition, nevertheless.

Some experts in the field (Pribram/Bohm; Penrose/Hameroff; Herbert; Stapp, Chalmers, Laszlo, Dennett, Varela, Ramachandran, etc.) have captured the popular attention but haven't won wide scientific approval. Quantum mind proponents like Chopra, Wolf, Capra, Zukov and later Satinover, Talbot, Swinne, Edelman, Schwartz, McTaggert, and more have done much to mainstream the quantum paradigm as a worldview, even though the mind/matter problem remains unsolved.

Even some front runners in the interdisciplinary field of consciousness are losing favor, in much the same way string theory has in physics. Some were based in pre-geometric twistors, microtubules and 'orchestrated reduction', spin theories, holographic theories, and conventional QM. Nearly every armchair consciousness researcher has his or her own idiosyncratic pet theory with only a short list of colleagues for support. Usually elaborate philosophies are attached to the science.

Like zero point energy (ZPE), which is actually a flux product of the subquantal field, consciousness is often confused with the vacuum field, when it could just as easily be its predecessor or antecedent. Just because it is more fundamental, doesn't mean it should be reified by us.

Whether our own or any consciousness is self-organizing -- primal, emergent or derivative remains a deep mystery. Behavioral complexity of physically modelled organisms is virtually unquantifiable. Much depends on whether one holds a materialistic or spiritual worldview, dead laws or living science. There are many points of view, and little consensus.

The Dynamic Core

Space may play a role in the mystery of consciousness, or it may be an effect of an even deeper domain, as yet unsuspected. Is space in any sense 'conscious', and does it actively entangle with human minds? We simply don't know. No process for the direct connection of primal field is proposed, but the buzzword 'resonance' is most often invoked for what may be a confusion of domains or scale.

The acceleration of spacetime might be a hint that there are deeper forces we have not yet imagined or modelled in any satisfactory way. There may even be realms beyond experiential primordial ground described for centuries by the deepest mystical penetration.

Still, our methodology must include discipline with openness.  It is more a matter of opening up the inquiry. Looking from the known to the unknown may not be the way to work when radical revisioning requires paradigm shift. 

For example, we have no idea how many dimensions (hyperspace) are in play behind our 4-D universe, and which may be irrelevant to it even if they do exist. Is there a whole order operating in other dimensions of [non]being as different as photonic light is from mass, or mass and energy? Scale invariant space expansion could be one possible hidden variable that could account for cosmic acceleration.

Physics required a certain fixed order that was subverted by QM and then chaos theory. Everything is complex flux, process, transformation – a relationship of energies -- but in some sense, the whole is in each part. Each particle is constantly collapsing inward and expanding outward.

Infinite Potential

Our concept of space is changing from an empty void to a plenum of potential. Space is always flourescing with vast quantities of luminous vacuum photons most of which are rapidly reasbsorbed. But two massless photons interacting at 90 degrees orthrotation create an electron, and this topological modification leads to atoms and molecules.

Space is characterized by the emission of light -- a brilliant radiant matrix, like a liquid diamond. Forms are created by photons and phonons. Mass is a crystallization of the radiant field. It can be visualized as arising from asymmetries in the field or as vortices in a superfluid ether. Creation is an awesome process but that doesn't mean we should worship the turbulence of pre-physical empty space, even if it is beyond conventional spacetime.

Nothing is Substantial

For the past few years, The Field has enjoyed a vogue of intuitive sacralization, along with a certain reverence for the human Energy Body (biofield) and its support, so-called Universal Energy. Living organisms are dependent on biophotons for self-regulation; the domains of virtual light and biophotonic light are discrete but entangled. When something manifests, the pre-geometric field continues to inform and support it.

But where is the mandate to divinize a froth of fluctuations, even if it is “infinite”? The amount of that coherent energy may blow our minds, but does it have to propel us down reality wormholes back into the mindsets of by-gone centuries when natural philosophy confounded objective and subjective thinking?  What does it really mean to incorporate that realization instead, with an eye on the future?  

The human body does respond to an active dynamic field, but we don’t really know what constitutes that electromagnetic energy that is within and without us. Yet, there are some physicists who romanticize this notion. 

Energetics and bioenergetics (biophysics) have introduced as many questions about the deep nature of our existence as they have answered. There probably is more to life than simple mechanical dynamics. But just because we can't observe, penetrate or describe virtual processes doesn't mean we need to deify them.

Nothingness is Really Something

There are many ways unexplained energy can be accounted for with abstractions, symbolization, agency, operators, or attributions filling in the gaps in our understanding.  Speculative flights are always based on basic assumptions, overt or tacit, which need to be unpacked in their specific context.

Spiritualizing extreme energy density may confound rather than illuminate the nature of primal radiance. Is a hole in the Dirac Sea necessarily holy? Only if it mystifies you will you have that sense.

Does our God or Spirit live at the mere boundary of Cosmos?  Aren’t the fixed ideas underlying scientific hypotheses supposed to be aids rather than obstructions to clarity?  The plenum certainly isn't a fixed entity but rather the antithesis of that.

Can we sincerely ask the biggest questions if we insist on presenting ideas either the way the public wants to hear them, or for the sake of promotion, personal or academic? You don’t have to be a genius, only able to follow the questions down the quantum rabbit hole.

It does take a deeply honest engagement.  When you try to incorporate philosophical metaphors into quantum mechanics, you enter the world of symbolic attributions which are likely not scientific.  They may falter as conceptual aids though they can lead to better theories through intuitive analogies for conceptual broad strokes.

Even the models of science can be read as metaphors and are often written in the popular memes of their day.  That does not in itself make them wrong, but it should be considered and no model yet produced can be taken literally, since all are only partial descriptions of our lived reality. 

For example, in the holographic universe the quantum explicate order unfolds from the noumenal to the phenomenal. If it unfolds further than fluctuation to the atomistic, it creates a macrocosmic form of noumenal space, the atomic form of noumenal or etheric space.  Motion of velocity then involves the unfolding and enfolding of the macrocosmic forms of noumenal space and time as phenomenal spacetime.  All motion is holomovment.


Flexibility without rigor is more a sign of the spiritual quest than science.  If you go looking for the divine with that mindset, you are likely to find it, or attribute it to the level where your concepts fail and we meet the Great Unknown.

Spirit-based science is an attractive notion to some, especially the current generation of armchair scientists.  But the domains of science, philosophy and spirituality are not interchangeable and apply to different dimensions of human experience. They are different and weak analogies are not necessarily correlations – though all may contain a sense of the numinous.

Can God live at the boundary of subquantal domains or does imagination kick in when science fails conceptually?  Common language requires valid idioms both parties respect for investigating and describing our experience and avoiding category error. We must also avoid confusion of levels or domains of organization. 

Nothing is Solid

In our beliefs, do we confound the Creator with the Creation? When we speak of the physical we have to follow the concrete laws that govern the ordinary, even in light of paradoxical findings about the mystifying quantum and subquantal domains.

In this realm, we are all explorers, even though we may deeply feel our human structure mirrors the universe and our relationship to the transcendent. What we do know is that humans will always want to be inspired by imaginative stories, and the stories of science and harmonization of spirituality and science are among them.  It is one of the ways we dream ourselves forward.

Primordial creativity is not limited to our notions about it, including visions of wholeness, the light of truth from which we draw our inspiration.  In that sense “connecting with Source” is not synonymous with comprehending it, even conceptually.  None of us can ever fully comprehend the whole, as spiritual teachers and mystics have always said.



Quantum SpaceTime as a Statistical Geometry of Fuzzy Lumps

By Wandsqueen, 2007

Considering discreteness on the Planck scale

One may start from continuum concepts

And search for discrete behavior on very fine scales.

How the MANY come from ONE.

This the “top down” approach.


Alternately one may troll macroscopic SpaceTime

(Or rather, its underlying mesoscopic or microscopic substratum)

To catch the moment when superstructure emerges:

A web of lumps in a fluctuating dynamical cellular network.

How the ONE comes from MANY.

This the “bottom up” approach


In the dynamical network approach

This macroscopic SpaceTime that emerges as a coarse-grained effluvient of

The churning of the fuzzy lumps

(Remember the Devas and Asuras churning the Milk Sea to release the 13 wonders)

Is assumed to be the result of some kind of geometric phase transition

(Very much in the spirit of the physics of self-organization).

Thus the mechanism of calling oneself into being and the act

Of calling onself into being are the same: How the many BECOME one.

The so-called physical points (of matter),

On a finer scale are actually densely entangled subclusters

Of nodes and bonds of the underlying network or graph.

That is, metrical space—the space in which relationships pertain

—precedes actual physical space: how the VIRTUAL becomes ACTUAL.