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The Subquantal Jitterbug

Let’s Do the Spacetime Warp Again

Andrei Linde of Stanford has suggested the expanding fractal universe generates emergent information that could be poetically considered an evolving universal intelligence.  If so, it is an emergent property of spacetime as is every thing.  But seemingly separate things are a construction of our minds [maya, illusion], an overlay of what is essentially one unbroken movement – a dynamic verb, not a group of nouns.

The largest component of our corporeal existence is the vacuous space between the atoms that make up our physical bodies, which are far from solid in the quantum perspective.  We are undergird and literally in-formed by that pervasive infinite informational flow.

Could this be the ancient Greek’s “universal harmonious wisdom” resonating as human consciousness?  If so, are we listening to its integrative message? …in terms of our paradigms, our technology, our ecology, our ethics?  The bottom line is that tapping this soulful source, both through aesthetic and technological means may be the key to our survival as a species.

Buckminster Fuller had his own notions of the morphing dynamics of energy/matter in the womb of spacetime.  Fuller re-discovered nature’s own pulsating flux and means of self-assembly.  He lamented that classical science is based on Cartesian coordinates and the structurally incoherent cube, rather than nature’s tetrahedral forms and structural tensegrity.  He taught us that energy has shape.  That shape emerges from the vacuum potential.  As the Heart Sutra implies, all form is inherent in the void. The prime pre-geometrical form is the Vector Equilibrium Matrix and its pulsative transforms.

Spacetime for scientific philosopher Fuller meant: “526.01 There is no universal space or static space in Universe. The word space is conceptually meaningless except in reference to intervals between high-frequency events momentarily "constellar" in specific local systems. There is no shape of Universe. There is only omnidirectional, nonconceptual ‘out’ and the specifically directioned, conceptual ‘in.’ We have time relationships but not static-space relationships.”

The Nature of Nothing

The vacuum is filled with virtual photons whose motion constitutes the “zero-point energy”.  This “cosmic zero” may be related to consciousness in some as-yet-unknown way.  ZPE fluctuates because this fundamental domain is not smooth but consists of virtual particles boiling into and evaporating out of existence.  But where did all these photons in the vacuum originate from?  They originated on all the other particles throughout the universe.

All the charged particles in the cosmos are doing the same jitterbug dance that causes electrons to radiate and absorb photons like crazy.  Zero-point energy is made up of photons created by all those electrons in distant stars.  Virtual photons in space are created by the motions of other electrons, mainly by “distant matter,”  Each zigzag of a local electron is actually a communication between it and distant matter (Swanson).

The local forces of physics have their origin in the distant matter of space.  This amount of matter increases as the square of the distance away.  There are enough electrons in cosmos to create the vacuum energy we measure, and to absorb all the photons produced by local particles.  We are connected to the distant matter and forces that arise from this connection.

The distant matter of the universe can be displaced or disturbed in different patterns, called “modes.”  They resemble the vibrational modes of a bell when it vibrates after it is struck.  These fundamental vibrational modes can be excited and can resonate.  These modes have symmetry and can interact with geometric shapes.

It is possible for every local, nearby electron (or any other particle) to interact with the distant matter virtually instantaneously.  Radiation can travel backward in time as well as forwards.  Photons which travel backwards in time are called “advanced waves.”  Photons which travel forward in time are called “retarded waves.”

As we look further away in space, we are also looking backward through time into deep time.  Feynman-Wheeler suggested as electrons zig zag, they create photons, which radiate away traveling forward in time.  Later, it is absorbed by electrons in the distant matter which accelerate and in turn radiate a photon which travels backward in time [actually spacetime], converging back at the original electron’s location almost simultaneously with the first photon’s radiation.

Instant coupling, the concept of photons traveling backward in time equally balanced by those going forward in time, is deeply embedded in contemporary physics.  When electrons point toward one another, their velocities create an interaction over huge distances that are narrow and intense.  They push one another backwards at near the speed of light. 

Mutual interaction leads to a finite exchange of energy and momentum in the form of a very sharply spiked photon, a photon “pulse” It is these photons that make up the “zero-point energy” of space.  The coupled photons produce a very, sharp, short pulse or spike of electromagnetic energy at the smallest unit of energy exchange.  Every interaction between electrons consists of one or more photon pulses.

At the Planck scale, space-time structure of the universe begins to break up.  Smaller scales than this make inertia and position meaningless.  Synchronizing the phases of the photon pulse combines them into “wave trains” or “quantum wave packets”, actually made up of many photon pulses from elementary exchanges between electrons.

Interestingly, this means the electrons are communicating both forward and backward in time, much like in the quantum handshake of Cramer’s transactional model of QM, Bohm’s pilot wave, or Sarfatti’s post-quantum backaction.  They send and receive signals across the universe virtually instantly. 

Each quantum photon consists of many photon pulses, which are collectively the ZPE of the vacuum of space (Swanson).  Electrons can synchronize together in a collective effect and undergo a “phase transition.”  Random motions are then superimposed on synchronized motions and collective oscillation occurs, which is a long range temporal order.

Cosmic Jitter

Quantum Jitterbug (Zitterbewegung)

Each particle sees itself in the center, surrounded by distant matter.  The central electron only sees an electron out at the edge when their velocities line up and this only occurs when they are “in sync.”  The key is when their periodic motions remain in step with each other.

In this “phase locking” all electrons in the coupled system orbit around their average position at the same frequency.  This is the womb of quantum mechanics, but we don’t see the inner workings, just the “fuzzy ball” of probability on the outside.

The phase conditions for stable orbits [Higgs’ Phase] will only be right at certain spots.  The places at which stable orbits can occur will form a regular array resembling  “crystal structure” at very small scales in space, so electrons actually “jump” from one such point to another.  Frequency has a very definite physical meaning.  It is the rate at which the electrons (or any particles) orbit their center of mass location.   

Electrons are either in phase and able to see and interact with each other, or out of phase and therefore effectively invisible and unable to exert force on one another.  Unsynchronized particles appear as “quantum noise.”  Other nearby parallel dimensions normally only interact with ours through quantum noise.  However, consciousness appears to interact across these parallel dimensions.

Coherence between parallel realities can be thought of as hyperdimensional structure, which crosses dimensions.  It is nonphysical yet has physical manifestations.  Higher dimensional structures can be designed which, by their shape and topology, are stable.  Such forms may be a possible model for consciousness and the soul.  The hypercube (the Diamond Body) and Vector Equilibrium are hyperdimensional structures that relate directly to the sacred geometries of all mystical traditions (i.e., Merkabah; Cube of Space).

The key is to understand what makes up these higher dimensional geometrical structures.  The answer is phase variation in spacetime.  Normal space is “in phase” from point to point at this deep level, but it experiences small departures from the common resonant phase of all particles.  These departures can become systematic.  When mapped in spacetime they can form three-dimensional and higher dimensional geometric structures.  These “phase structures” can cross several parallel universes, and become the physical basis for “subtle energy” and paranormal phenomena.

Electromagnetic waves are a collection of synchronized photons of different frequency and amplitude.  Radiation is constantly pouring in and flowing out, balancing on average.  The electron goes forward and backward in a seemingly random pattern in space and time, in order to balance all the radiation coming in and flowing out.

This balanced radiation pattern is analogous to the interference pattern of a hologram.  A 3-D pattern of energy created by regions of interference is what we see as an image.  There is creative and destructive interference.  An electron and every particle is a “hologram,” produced as the result of the actions of the electron to preserve the balance of energy (Miller et al, 1973). 

To be more than ethereal like a technologically produced hologram, it must have mass created by including the photons traveling backwards in time from the future.  This is a 4-Dimensional hologram, which is an integral aspect of every particle and real physical object.  If we want to manipulate the particle, electron or whatever, all we need to do is manipulate its 4-D hologram.