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Iona Miller's VIRTUAL PHYSICS: Inside Empty Space
Fierce Luminosity:
Visualizations of the Energetic Vacuum
THE THEORY OF NOTHING is the Theory of Everything


THE VOID IS NOT DEVOID but naturally manifest awareness, luminous and empty



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In the beginning was the Void. Sound waves [the Word] originated in the first instant of the universe’s life, when the cosmos underwent an extraordinary expansion. No one really knows what drove it, but by stretching the very fabric of space, it magnified a weird subatomic phenomenon that is known today as the spontaneous materialization of particles from a complete vacuum. Vacuum fluctuation underlies both cosmology and quantum processes.

Vacuum-spawned particles are constantly flickering in and out of existence around us, arising from and sinking back into the void. During inflation, this process like everything else in the universe, was magnified tremendously. The rapidly expanding early universe imparted enough energy to these particle wannabes that instead of quickly subsiding into the vacuum, they remained in the real world. The sudden influx of countless particles from the vacuum was like a stone thrown into the dense particle pond of the early universe, sending out ripples--pressure waves. And pressure waves rippling through a gas are nothing more than sound waves. The entire universe rang like a bell.
Those reverberations were abruptly silenced 13 billion years ago, when the universe became transparent. Once photons were traveling freely through space, [“Let there be Light!”], there was no longer enough pressure to support the sound waves. But before fading forever, those echoes of creation had left their mark on the cosmic microwave background. When sound waves were still spreading through the universe, they compresssed the particle soup in some regions of the cosmos and rarefied it in others. Pressure changes cause temperature changes--increase the pressure in a gas and the temperature increases. Microwave photons coming from these various regions have slightly different temperatures. The temperature patterns show the universe just as it was when the particle fog--and the sound waves--vanished.


Patrick Cornille, "Inhomogeneous Waves and Maxwell's Equations." Chapter 4 in Essays on the Formal Aspects of Electromagnetic Theory, Aklesh Lakhtakia, Ed., World Scientific, New York, 1993. Cornille clearly shows that Maxwell's equations are directly created by scalar potential interferometry. As he states, this means that EM force field wave s are created by the interference of sound-type scalar potential waves, or "sound creates light." This strongly supports Tesla's original statement that EM waves in the vacuum are actually EM sound waves, much like sound waves in a gas. Further cosmology supports this because before the universe became transparent and radiated light, it rang like a gargantuan bell.


ZERO POINT PHYSICS: There is No Time to Waste

VIRTUAL PHYSICS is a quantum field theory (QFT) of the energetic vacuum -- primordial field interactions beyond our current observability. We need to reexamine the nature of the groundstate in the light of new theories and postulates rather than irrelevant mathematical vaguaries and flawed conventional theories. Mathematics should follow, not preceed observation and inference. The ramifications of plausible alternative theories must be worked through to separate the lead of the unviable from the gold of new insights on the nature of reality.

In the Continuous Creation, the center of the universe is everywhere, the seething cauldron of potential. Interaction of time and negative time extracts "massergy" from the Dirac Sea, manifesting the temporal potential of force and form in every instant, everywhere, all the time. The all-pervading field of infinite potential and its energetic subspace entities are virtual yet quite real. It can be perceived indirectly with conceptual "over the light horizon radar."

Time is quantized. Time energy is transduced into dynamic spatial energy as cosmic jitter (ZPE; zitterbewegung), cosmic acceleration, radiant energy, and mass. Only material entities are subject to light's speed limit, not the formation of materiality itself. Bell's Theorem shows there is a wholeness to reality, underlying the quantum connection, which is not bound by the speed of light, but propagates influences instantaneously.

Research suggests we may eventually be able to tap the flow of time, itself. Some speculate that in a scale expanding cosmos (SEC), radiant energy is time or close to it and non-EM. The engine of the universe runs by feeding on negentropy. This is difficult to see in standard quantum mechanics (QM), which describes stationary quantum states. The holistic view is dynamic so it involves time.


Scalar EM wave vibrations occur in the time domain only. This longitudinal EM wave is called a “scalar” photon in QM, so long as it remains in subspace or hyperspace. The nonobservable scalar photon is the main operator of Quantum Field Theory (QFT). The combination of the scalar and longitudinal photon is observable as the instantaneous scalar potential. It reveals the threshold of manifestation – unfolding spacetime. Further the metrics of spacetime oscillating at high frequency may be the ontological source of the quantum world and particle/wave duality.




Virtual Physics describes jitterbugging quantum subspace plasma (zero point energy).

Vacuum potential is infinite but subject to stress potential waves.

Vacuum is chaotic: disintegrated, nonlinear, far from equilibrium, deterministic, negentropic, dynamic.

Light varies speed in denser energy environments.

Time has a quantized negative time-reversed backpulse.

Spacetime (ST) is flat and expands in scale invariant acceleration.

Hyperspace vacuum ST consists entirely of various potentials.

Local spacetime is curved and varies in energetic density.

Negentropy results from local curvature of spacetime.

Gravity is enfolded EM potential.

Electromagnetism is unfolding gravity.

Gravitons are enfolded photons.

Photons are quantized bundles of radiant energy.

Lacking magnetic poles, photons appear to be their own antiphotons.

Vacuum and spacetime are made of photon-structured gravitons and supergravitons.

Gravitons, virtual particles with speed faster than light, connect higher dimensions to the physical universe.

Systems can be in equilibrium or disequilibrium with the active vacuum environment.

Systems far from equilibrium are self-ordering, self-oscillating, self-rotating, self-powering and negentropic (self-resonant charge interception).

Particles resonate to the frequency of incoming fields or potential energy.

Potentials are primordial and fields are changes to the potential.

Scalar potential is not a scalar "entity" but a bidirectional longitudinal EM wave and EM energy flow.

The scalar field is the most important for cosmology and quantum effects.

Scalar (time-polarized) density waves can engineer the vacuum.

Time itself is the fuel of the universe and the fuel of our future.

All life forms are multidimensional virtual vacuum engines.

Primordial Awareness is Clear Light.

Is physical reality mainly reality, per se (Aristotle) or the shadow, the trace or interface to a bigger and deeper reality (Plato)? Platonists and neoplatonists argue around the idea that deeper reality is mathematical if not arithmetical, but there is good reason to believe we cannot unify the whole of arithmetical truth. So, should our postulates about reality proceed from observation or from hypothetical mathematical descriptors? Is philosophy even relevant to postmodern Physics?

Empty & Manifest Luminosity

Virtual Physics, rooted in the metaphysical domain,  suggests that the groundstate of our being is a psionically-charged FIERCE LUMINOSITY emanating from the vast roiling ocean of the creative vacuum – the endless sea of creation.  What IS is, and the primal matrix is the eternal shimmering, full vacuum of space -- IS-ness.  We can avoid the taboo word, ether, paraphrasing Marshall McLuhan that “the medium IS the message,” quite literally.

It is no accident that in many creation myths, light first issues from the void.  The void is the flux of virtual photons/antiphotons in “negative” space.  Negative space manifests in the time domain but the first stirrings of the the process are nonobservable.  Light is composed of both spatial and time energy.  Matter is a transduction of time into spatial energy.  Paradoxically, nothing  happens without time [all puns intended].

Light is the fiat, the first excitation of empty space  But where does it come from?  It comes from the subspace holographic blueprint, a subtle field that allows the flux of virtual photons to spontaneously appear and disappear in the vacuum so quickly they cannot be individually observed.

However, their collective effects are definitely observable, if interpreted correctly.  Virtual particles are real while they exist below the uncertainty principle’s minimum magnitude.  Virtual photons integrate to produce an observable quantum of energy, which observably effects charged particles.  They may not be real in the conventional sense, but their effects are absolutely real, and may lead to novel solutions to the energy crisis we face for sustainable life on Earth.

The discrete photon is the physical form of the quantum. As the smallest bundle of light, it is a messenger for oscillating EM forces, carrying information without substance (mass).  A photon is a mode of oscillation of an EM stress field in the cosmic medium. Light beams contain trillions of photons.

Photons of different energy values carry electromagnetic force of different wavelengths, which unfolds over time. The absolute vacuum is devoid of all structure, but the false vacuum contains frozen and decomposing  subatomic energies as fermions, bosons, quarks, photons, electrons and gravity.  Radiant energy is a quantum of energy measured in joules. It is transferred as photons emanating in short bursts, the wave train.

Virtual Physics suggests we visualize processes at work in nature, but elegant mathematics has led us to ignore observations about the nature of the primordial cosmic medium.  We need better visualizations of subquantal processes, not more elegant but inaccurate mathematics, unless it describes inferrances of essentially metaphysical nonobservables.  All forces of nature, electromagnetic and mechanical, are caused by interaction of virtual particles with mass.

The vacuum and its emanations are the central ingredients of 21st century physics.  Science is learning to produce, manipulate and detect single photons, though QM doesn’t help us visualize the interactive processes that lead to their emanation.  An electron is a closed-loop photon.  It is a transducer of other forms of energy.  A photon may simply be an artifact of nonlinear EM events. Resonant photon-graviton conversion takes place in EM fields.

Only single-quantum events become measurable, as something emerges from subspace.  They deliver a finite flux density in time. Light is a self-propagating harmonic EM undulation. EM radiation is photon release.  Photon EM energy affects the "steady state" EM fields of matter (electrons) by displacing them from their ground states.  We need to determine the nature and bounds of the primordial field strength.

Nothing That Matters


Nothing is a pure concept, inherently metaphysical. Everything real came from and returns to something ethereal. You need to be something to exist. You are both real and ethereal. Form is informed by force. Particles are strongly connected nonlocally by active information and objective wholeness.

Synchronized Chaos

YOU are a Time Machine. The universe will consume you as the fruit of the Tree of Life. It eats time. Time is a duration of consciousness; nothing more, nothing less. In the end (the Big RIP), it all boils down to Nothing. ~io

"Nonexistence is eagerly bubbling in the expectation of being given existence....For the mine and treasure-house of God's making is naught but nonexistence coming into manifestation." ~Rumi

"Nothing would be what it is, Because everything would be what it isn't. And contrary-wise -what it is, it wouldn't be. And what it wouldn't be, it would. You see?" ~Alice in Wonderland


Oh that God! - Give him an inch and he takes infinity.


NOTHING was, God willing, NOTHING became something,

I doubted it, I sought that on which the universe rests,

NOTHING preserves the equilibrium and serves to sustain.

Then, with the weight of praise and of blame.

I weighed the eternal, it called my soul,

I died, I adored, I knew NOTHING more.

~Saint-Germain, Philosophical Sonnet


Nothing Doing: Uberspace

Analogies have been made between water and Spirit, and they can certainly be made, even moreso, between the energetic vacuum and Spirit. The only question is whether or not this creative imperative is conscious in any sense of the word. The current buzzword for conscious acts of creation is 'intentionality,' which is the Abracadabra of new age thought, actually explaining nothing.

There are organized structures present in the vacuum, which is low energy electromagnetic waves, random in phase and amplitude, propagating in all possible directions. Scalar standing waves are longitudinal electric waves, which require alternating concentrations of densified and rarefied pulsations of electrostatic fields to move along a single vector.

The void isn’t empty. It is just empty of physical matter. The EM quantum vacuum couples to the Dirac Sea of particle/antiparticle pairs. Ordinary matter is like foam on this ocean of primal virtuality. Gravity (Sakharov 1968; Puthoff 1989) and inertia (Eberlein, 1996) may be consequences of zero-point fluctuations.

Science contrasts the bare vacuum and the physical vacuum. Although this vacuum does not transmit sound, it does transmit light and all other wavelengths of the electromagnetic spectrum. Technically, quantum fields have an infinite number of possible energy states, all of which should contribute virtual particles to the vacuum. Holography stabilizes the vacuum energy.

The vacuum is transparent to elementary particles. Subatomic elementary particles have no measurable internal structure, are not composites, and are classified by their spin. EM waves travel at 299792458 m/s in a vacuum. Here waves pass through waves in superposition without interference. Virtual photons are literally clear light. The fundamental nature of the energy body is clear light.

The Light Fantastic

Solitons, solitary light waves or bell-shaped pulses, can cross each other without interference. Solitons are solutions to nonlinear wave equations. Nonlinearity compensates for dispersion propagating a stable wave of constant velocity and shape. A quantum soliton cannot be localized in space all the time. There are no superpositions possible, however.

Solitons evolve from quasiparticles to pure gravitational waves. Gravitational holography claims the cosmological constant is stable against divergent quantum corrections. In an expanding universe, holographic quantum contributions to the stress-energy tensor order most of the energy density of the dominant matter component (Thomas, 2002).The soliton structure as an ultrastable nondispersive wave train is clear: Discrete solitons, individual packets of light energy, form in light-induced photonic lattices.

A quantum soliton is a sphere- or disk-shaped wave that does not spread out as it travels. Research shows it is possible to contain a microscale lightwave interference pattern as a soliton necklace -- a standing wave of light arranged as a ring of bright spots. Multidimensional spatiotemporal solitons are called “light bullets.”

The foundations of fields overlap and reverberate in a holographic frequency domain. Matter is induced by resonant holographic resolution. In holography, three-dimensional illusion results from a dense network of interference patterns. These patterns reflect the wave character of light. A small piece of the hologram can be used to reconstruct the whole three-dimensional image, but the resolution can be fuzzy.

If the piece of the hologram is too small, the three-dimensional illusion disappears back into nodes of wavefunctions. Any 3+1 dimensional entity must be greater than the cosmic acceleration, or it will be overtaken and obliterated by the 2+1 holographic field. Thus, events occur not only in time but also with the aid of time, which is an active component of the space and Universe. The concept of the directivity of time or its pattern can be introduced into the mechanics of elementary processes.

Luminous energy is the perceived energy of light, differing from radiant energy, which is an objective physical quantity. EM radiation is a stream of photons and radiant energy is the energy carried by these photons. Alternatively, EM radiation can be viewed as an electromagnetic wave, which carries energy in its oscillating electric and magnetic fields.


"Passage of an electromagnetic wave through the vacuum leaves an invisible trace. The vacuum "imprints" everything that happens in it. This imprint is electrogravitational; i.e., the imprinting process structures the substructure of vacuum spacetime [the artificial potential of vacuum]." ~Tom Bearden

DEEP PHYSICS. Special thanks to Tom Bearden, Kenneth Thomas of Illinois and Jason Brill for many patient hours of conversation and interactive work for this site. All art and articulation by Iona Miller, (c)2007.



Yet continuing without interruption,
Neither coming nor going, omnipresent,
Supreme Dharma,
Immutable space, beyond definition,
Spontaneously, self liberating.
Perfect state without any obstruction,
Existent from the very beginning,
Self created, without location,
With nothing negative to reject,
And nothing positive to accept,
Infinite expanse, all pervading,
Immense and limitless, unbound,
With nothing even to dissolve
Or from which to be liberated.
Present beyond Space and Time,
Existent from the beginning,
Immense dimension of inner space,
Radiance of clarity like sun and moon,
Self perfected,
As indestructible as the Vajra
As stable as a mountain,
As pure as a lotus,
Strong as a lion,
Incomparable bliss
Beyond all limits;
Peak of the Dharma,
Light of the Universe,
Perfect since the very beginning.



Virtual Physics

Virtual Physics describes oceans of free energy including the following: 1). Zero-point vacuum energy; 2). Dirac Sea; 3). Time derivative fields; 4). Micro electrodynamic fluctuations; 5). Telluric currents; 6). Earth’s core energy; 7). G-strain energy of spacetime.

Cold fusion is really just heat liberated by matter rushing into the void.  Photonics (1) is the basis of the information revolution. Free energy remains an elusive treasure that is tantalizingly close.  Radiant energy, streams of energy quanta, is a more plausible candidate for clean energy, however (2). Bearden suggests, point-contact transistors can easily be developed into true negative resistors enabling COP > 1.0 circuits (3) and/or quantum dots.

Let’s not just stare transfixed into The Abyss; let’s jump into it, because our very survival depends on it.  Perhaps the single most important frontier is energy science, the development of cheap, clean energy sources as an alternative to greenhouse gas producing forms of transportation and production. Let’s “Do NOTHING.” has been the credo of suppression of these technologies since Tesla’s time.  It is now imperative this type of research is allowed to proceed.

At zero absolute temperature, in the macroscopic world all motion ceases. That is not true in the quantum mechanical world; those subquantum oscillations continue, and can be of extraordinary energy if the time is short enough (Bearden, 2007).  Potentially, that energy can be used to do work.  The Second Lie of Thermodynamics is not absolute, just a useful rule.

It is about time to make “much ado about nothing.” That “Nothing” saves us each day from extinction.  At the mysterious cosmic threshold or mystic veil, “nothing”-- the massive scalar field -- becomes “something,” mass/energy.  We aren’t near the center of the galaxy or universe, nor are we made of the most common matter. Our source is beyond observability, but no doubt remains that the virtual particles are real.

The stability of matter itself is mediated by zero-point fluctuations (ZPF) of the quantized electromagnetic field.  Nature is random by nature, as Chaos Theory demonstrates.  The chaotic virtual particle sea (spatio-temporal chaos) interacts through field operators with physical matter through antimatter and light.  The threshold between matter and the vacuum is becoming blurrier.  Gravity may be a probe of the vacuum rather than identical with it.

Empty space and matter are a seamless whole.  Spontaneous emission is not something atoms do all alone but are the result of an interaction between the atom and the vacuum. The vacuum literally pulls radiation out of the atom.  The observed effect of sonoluminescence is extraction of virtual photons from the electromagnetic zero-point fluctuations.  Photons and gravitons are usually considered as massless fields.

According to Virtual Physics, self-renewing energy comes from ceaseless emission and absorption of virtual photons and also creation and annihilation of electron/positron pair.  Bosonic vacuum fluctuations are created as particle-antiparticle pairs.

In each and every nano-instant, we a reborn at the birthplace of matter, much like a refreshing screen.  We are virtual dipoles.All atoms, including those of our bodies, are 99.999% space with an accompanying informational content (holographic blueprint).

Object and vacuum take turns existing equally or as superpositions (multiple states) in the same space.  Objects, including our bodies have a definite shape while the vacuum is homogeneous.  Objects condense from the vacuum as ZPF determined systems. All EM waves travel in the vacuum at the speed of light.

The dense energy potential of the vacuum plays a key role in structuring the Universe. Energy moves from a free to a bound state via the dynamic structure of the vacuum.  The vacuum not only contains but also is randomly fluctuating electromagnetic (EM) fields with an infinite zero-point energy. That potential, an unseen sea of negative energy particles, can be chaotic and amorphous or coherent.  Although it comes from chaos, each temporary virtual particle is totally ordered while it exists.

Quantum Vacuum Resonance

Quantum Vacuum Resonance

The vacuum is the stage of this vibrational interplay, which manifests our reality. Without the sustaining virtual ground of the vacuum we live in an entropic environment inexorably moving toward heat death. This notion affects our relationship to self, others and universe at the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels. Negentropy, negative entropy, offers a more positive viewpoint on existence -- syntropy.

Tremendous negentropic potentials are enfolded in the disassembled holographic frequency domain of spacetime. Negentropy, the informational counterforce to thermal decay, is more fundamental than energy. It also measures the complexity of a physical structure in which quantities of energy are invested. The vacuum may also be the source of the repulsive force of dark energy which drives the ballooning outward of the whole universe at an accelerating pace.

Time energy is transduced into dynamic spatial energy as cosmic jitter (ZPE; zitterbewegung), cosmic acceleration, and mass. The engine of the universe runs by consuming the negentropy of highly compressed spacetime. So do we. We don’t feed on energy, but on negentropy.

At the smallest of scales, if we were the size of an electron, we would observe that the fabric of space is in motion. It is jiggling, and it is this jiggling that causes the electron to have wave/particle duality. The jiggling of space manifests itself observably as the jiggling of the electron. This electron wave function is a series of standing waves, and these waves constitute a form of energy that we could conceivably now tap using cutting edge technology.

Catch the Wave

Both mysticism and science describe the nature of deep reality in their different vocabularies. They have Nothing in common. Science itself appears somewhat mystical when we realize that we don’t really know the nature of spacetime, gravity, light, electricity, magnetism, energy and mass (and antimatter) or the origin of our universe, but we have sometimes cherished beliefs about how they behave. Older scientists are loath to give up their notions, since their careers are invested along those lines.

There is no consensus in quantum physics about the deep nature of reality, much less quantum cosmology, and this has given rise to many schools of thought. But are scientists actually discovering new things or creating them based on tacit assumptions? Some contend the laws of thermodynamics are incomplete. Others create mathematical ideas with elegant solutions that may or may not match our actual Reality.

Controversial notions about the nature of fields and forces arise here, such as the Big Bang, inflation, gravity, black holes, the nature of the cosmological constant, the speed of light, the shape of the universe, virtual particles, and exotica such as dark matter, and dark energy, among others. Each poorly understood theory claims to explain some nuances while seemingly ignoring other incongruities. There are discrepancies between observations and theoretical expectations.

The Big Bang is just a working assumption and interpretive tool. Alternative theories have been formulated and justified in other cosmologies.

Astronomer David Lindley boldly states, "Inflation is a nice idea; it would be pleasing if particle physics worked in such a way that it made the universe large and uniform. But there is no substantial evidence that inflation actually occurred...Nevertheless, so enamored are particle physicists of the idea of inflation as a cosmic panacea that they have taken to inventing theories that do nothing except make inflation work. The argument is circular -- cosmologists like inflation because particle physicsts can provide it, and particle physicists provide it because cosmologists like it -- and has proved, so far, immune to test."

Old science has become the new religion that needs to be questioned and challenged with plausible new ideas. "The workshop and treasure of God is in nonexistence: You are deceived by existence, so how should you know about nonexistence." ~Rumi




There are major theoretical problems that modern physics doesn't handle very well. Our models of the quantum level and cosmology still do not match. Physicists (Goldes, 2005) have recently discovered anomalies that mean the universe contains previously undiscovered particles. The Standard Model is flawed, and we are uncertain how to describe gravity at the smallest scale. Big questions include the nature and types of subatomic particles, virtual particles, antimatter, mass-energy conversion, the nature of time, and the expanding universe.

What are electrons? Why do they exist and how are they made? Why does their structure expand? Are quarks fundamental or composites? There might be undiscovered species of protons and photons. How is a proton or neutron created from electrons? How many dimensions are required to model this emergent process? What is the source and meaning of motion? Is spacetime itself expanding, or every material thing, or maybe both?

Standard theory says space is expanding at a constant rate but space has no mass to move relative to itself. So what force drives the expansion? As the size of the universe expands, rate of growth increases, driving expansion faster. What is the relationship of mass, velocity, distance and time? Time may be relative to velocity.

Masreliez (2006) suggests acceleration changes the four metrical coefficients in the Minkowskian line element. This means a new kind of dynamic process involves four-dimensional scale transition (SEC). Depending solely on velocity, this dynamic scale factor is [1-(v/c)2)]. It models inertia as a gravitational-type phenomenon. Inertia is resistance to accelerating motion - a cosmic drag that exerts tangible force. Inertia is a spacetime effect.

Einstein defended his theory that spacetime was a new form of ether that served as a reference for inertia. With this metric the geodesic of general relativity (GR) is an identity, and all accelerating trajectories are geodesics. This theory also agrees with special relativity, with a new perspective.

Dynamic 4-d scale transition is unproven, but solves many problems in cosmology with scale expansion. This solution to inertia is compatible with special relativity, also. The pace of time is regulated by time dilation in inertial frames, consistent with GR. Where does gravity come from? Inertia is a gravitational-type effect. Discrete scale transition offers us one way to think out of the box about this old connundrum.


Why does everything want to expand? What is the distinction between energy particles (bosons) and matter particles (fermions)? Why do they behave differently? Is everything really a form of light? What is the primal unborn particle and can we look even deeper into the chaotic virtuality?

What events are taking place hidden beyond the mystic veil of the vacuum? The infinitesimal motion of the vacuum exerts a holistic influence. Can we dig below the ground state? What is the nature of this immense dimension of radiance? What is left when there is nothing left to dissolve? Unstable states decay by barrier penetration. Have we penetrated nature's final barrier yet? Is space immutable, self-created without location?

What is the texture of Reality, the scintillating fabric of spacetime? Quantum Mechanics suggests everything is rapidly expanding at the subatomic level. This is why a wave packet tends to fuzz out upon observation, since its position-momentum expands virtually instantly. Phase conjugate physics suggests localized time reversal and holographic fractal coherence.

New physics have developed which may or may not accurately describe the undefined field of the dynamic Vacuum State, which gives birth to matter. Some of these postulated conceptual fruits, exotica which may or may not be ‘real’, include: the Big Bang, inflation, dark matter, string and branes, red-shift, black holes, tired time, the ether, crystalline vacuum, free energy, etc.

Scale Expanding Cosmos

In a scale-invariant expanding cosmos, many of these phenomena evaporate because they are unnecessary in this model as corrections or approximations. The potential for tapping Radiant Energy increases. Time is quantized; a quantum of time = 1x10^-88. This doesn't mean time is discontinuous but that time is a quantum potential. Time dilation contains potential energy. What is called dark matter is probably a crude first approximation of quantized time.

Time can change with reference to mass and distance. In nature, time is always expressed in quanta, such as frequency, vibrations, transitions. Potential time energy is transduced into dynamic spatial energy as cosmic jitter (ZPE; zitterbewegung), cosmic acceleration, radiant energy, and mass. All quantum frequencies are processing time potential.

Research suggests we may eventually be able to tap the flow of time, itself. Some speculate that in a scale expanding cosmos (SEC), radiant energy is time or close to it and non-EM. We suggest a high frequency tunnel transistor with excess charge carriers is capable of tunneling under the junction barriers. It is much like sticking a waterwheel in time’s one way flow. Under ideal conditions, the the overunity of this system could be as much as 125%.

Free Energy

Free energy devices already exist. They are called "atoms". They spin furiously all the time because the universe is not at absolute zero / or time has not yet slowed to a crawl. In magnets, all the spins are lined up and all the generated magnetic fields add. But that doesn't do US any good; the energy cannot be extracted.

Free energy to transport, warm and entertain us remains an elusive treasure that is tantalizingly close. Radiant energy, streams of energy quanta, is a more plausible candidate for clean energy, however (2). Bearden suggests, point-contact transistors can easily be developed into true negative resistors enabling overunity.


Vacuum potential is not known. It is known and infinite only if you equate vacuum potential with time. Existence of gravitons is suspect. Gravitation may be a bundle of forces not closely related {Sakarov}. Anti-gravity is not negative gravity but loss of mass and may be the first differentiation from time. Slowing, decaying time creates matter which is exploding outward, as is space-time. The outward push is antigravity/slightly degraded time. We will discover antigravity and time travel together as they would be mostly identical.

If there is a particle associated with the 4 or 5 pseudogravitys, it would be the photon but could be called the graviton. Photons probably move at "c". Incompletely formed, semi-virtual photons {semi-scalars, radiant energy} might move at c squared if emerging from virtual or at any speed if lingering near virtual/real, QM-LIKE boundary, which they do seem to do.

So, c is only for photon and its antiparticle or photon and graviton; since there is no exterior difference between photon and pseudogravitational graviton - the difference being internal bending. Since the total number of supposed gravitons appears to equal the total number of photons, the left-over geometric gravitation is REAL gravity or slightly decayed time.

Space is the instantaneous effect of creation of outward rushing matter by time, which is thus slowed. Some of it becomes indistinguishable {at present} from space-time. As time slows more, more space-time is created. Time's arrow may not be reversible. Light may or may not vary in speed.

Kaluza-Klein Model

Since we cannot observe information coming from unseen dimensions, we are missing information to complete our description of reality and of the time dimension. Seeking to unify Gravitation and EM, Kaluza-Klein offers an elegant geometrical model that is invariant in circular rotation. In KK five-dimensional Schwarzschild solutions should not be interpreted as black holes.

The KK vacuum decays into a geodesically complete space. But the holes form spontaneously and expand instantly to infinity at the speed of light. Technically, space does not exist inside these bubbles. KK and SEC, which both include a scalar field, are both thoroughly incompatible with string and M-theory. KK's fifth dimension is a compactified space. EM can be described as a circular bundle by gauge theory.

KK is not limited to 4 and 5 dimensional models and may be modeled with 11-d. 5d KK can be used to model unknown gravitomagnetism now demonstrable in micro-, meso- and macro- scales. Problems with the Ricci tensor as it moves from GR to QM to SEC remain to be worked out. Both KK and DGP are higher dimensional theories of GR with a scalar component. In DGP theory, gravity may be 4-d over short distances and 5-d over long distance. This unstable theory hints at the cosmic acceleration of dark energy.

What A Drag

Cosmic drag in SEC is partly or entirely gravitomagnetism; ether drag. Theoretically, there is an analog to the magnetic field in gravity. This is sometimes called gravitomagnetism, and other times called frame dragging. Gravitomagnetism = frame dragging = cosmic drag. Beyond is only the microworld of QM.

Cosmic drag is just the distubance in the subspace field from anything OF ANY SIZE that spins. The "any size" part is the key concept. It has already been proven in pieces by groups unaware of each other (cite examples). It means that drag – gravitomagnetism -- is a general phenomenon that permeates everything like gravity.

As Above; So Below

Its effects are not limited to quantum effects, or the microworld. This is a fundamental shift in conceptualization. It changes the environment of all virtual and realtime entities. Its as if the strong nuclear force dimension had suddenly unfurled and you could use it like electricity for motors and lights. Cosmic drag is the revelation of SEC -- new AND unexpected.

Gravitomagnetism is established on the mesoscale and almost proven to be due to spin alignment and acceleration by addition of magnetic field. Gravitomagnetic tapping of time/gravity is more plausible than harnessing zero-point energy (ZPE) through magnetic energy. Frame dragging is established on all scales micro meso and macro. This is identical with the cosmic drag in SEC theory. Curled dimensions as a mathematical convenience are not required because the #5 macrodimension is the bridge to QM. It is 11-d but a different 11-d than strings or M-theory.



Iona Miller, consultant and transdisciplinarian, is a nonfiction writer for both the academic and popular press, hypnotherapist (ACHE) and multimedia artist. Her work is an omnisensory fusion of sacred activism, intelligence, science-art, chaos theory, plenum physics, and emergent paradigm shift melding experiential psychotherapy, new physics, biophysics, philosophy, cosmology, healing, creativity, qabalah, magick, paranormal, "dirty tricks," media ecology, mind control, paramedia, metaphysics, and culture change. Rather than having an interest in specific doctrines, she is interested in the EFFECTS of doctrines from religion, science, psychology, and the arts. Our beliefs are the moldable raw material of the psyche, manipulated by governments, media and culture. How do we become what we are and how is that process changing in the near future? Performance artist and spywhisperer, Ms. Miller is published by Phanes Press, Destiny Books (Inner Traditions), Autonomedia, Nexus Magazine, Dream Network, PM&E, Journal of Nonlocality and Remote Mental Interactions (JNLRMI), Chaosophy Journal, OAK, DNA Monthly, Pop Occulture, Schiffer, Bolero, Science-Art Research Centre, and more. She is a Ambassador and serves on the Boards of, and The Wisdom Center, nonprofit organizations. Recent contributions include print articles in Der Golem (Germany), Paranoia zine #44, #46, #49 (USA), HunterGatheress Journal I and II, JNLRMI (Russia), Antibiothis (Portugal), The Art of Fetish (Miami), and Journal of Interdisciplinary Crossroads (India). Her artwork has shown in Miami, Phoenix, New York, in magazines and more. She has appeared in 21st Century Radio, Untamed Dimensions, Reality Portal, Digital Long Island, The Ascending Way, etc.



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