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Carbon, Oxygen, Hydrogen, Nitrogen = COHN Matrix

Correlative research with Top-Down Yoga has rocketed to yet another
dimension. This one links Mark Coming's theory regarding the atomic
and molecular geometry (bond angle) of C-H-O-N matrices, with Dr.
Guenther's brilliant articulation in the introduction of Kindly Bent
to Ease us Pt II, in which he refers to the radiation-dominated
energies (or "mentation) coalescing in polymerization and
macromolecular formation, leading to the emergence of organic matter
and the mind body phenomena.
I discussed this at length with Dr Jim Oschman and he gave me a
big-time confirmation that C-O-H-N are the main components of
polymerization. THIS certainly provides an immense breakthrough in
that it points to a radical view for 1st person scientific exploration
of the embodiment process which integrates zero-point and free energy
physics with the most primary pulse of sociocultural metaevolution. I
have read that the geometry of the chemistry is what "guides a flock
of birds or school of fish to vye together. Perhaps it is the bond
angle of C-O-H-N that provide the cues for linking the mindstream of
the evolutionary body of humanity, with the Plenum Biophysics of
An important note here is that there are presently around the world a
large number people claiming to be tapping into the zero point energy
filling space and drawing useful electrical power from this field.
This is a highly controversial domain of research yet quite
significant in it's implications, namely that it is possible to
extract useful energy out of the quantum plenum. This area of research
may provide us with a seminal clue that could help answer the question
of where does the unexplained energy that drives muscle contraction
(and presumably a much broader range of biological processes basic to
life) come from. It is very possible if not highly probable that this
missing energy may come directly from the quantum plenum and that
living organisms are in fact uniquely designed as bio-crystalline
transducers that tap into, channel and utilize the zero-point energy
of the quantum plenum for essential aspects of their energetic
functioning. This transductive bio-coupling with the quantum plenum
may be a central yet largely unrecognized feature of the mysterious
nature of life, a key capacity that enables living systems to do the
many remarkable things that they do that distinguishes them from
non-living or inorganic systems. From the point of view of plenum
biophysics we can now shed some new light on the long standing mystery
of the nature of the division between living systems and organic
matter and so-called non-living systems considered inorganic and often
thereby called "inanimate".
The difference between organic and inorganic matter has never
satisfactorily been understood. Both systems are composed of atoms
that are in the periodic table. So what is the difference between
living and non-living systems? How can certain groupings of atoms
participate in the dynamic activity that characterizes organic matter
including forming into cells that reproduce and have metabolism from
photosynthesis to the oxidative phosphorylation cycle to respiration
which drives the electron transport cycle by which ATP is created
........ thus  enabling the remarkable capacity for regeneration,
repair & reproduction that characterize organic life from the
individual cell to entire organisms, whereas other groupings of atoms
simply cannot and do not participate in such dynamic self organizing
activity at all ?  It is reasonable to presume that there may be
something about organic chemistry (which is primarily composed of
Carbon, Hydrogen, Oxygen &Nitrogen atoms :  C-H-O-N ) that induces or
makes possible some kind of direct energetic exchange with the quantum
plenum that is the essential feature of this not yet satisfactorily
understood difference between living and non-living systems. There may
be something fundamentally different about the atomic and molecular
geometry (bond angle geometry etc.) of C-H-O-N matrices that are
thereby able to resonantly engage the quantum plenum such that it
becomes capable of inductively coupling into this vast field of
potential in space that is already present in the midst of any given
atomic and molecular matrix.
The C-H-O--N matrix may well be uniquely geometrically configured so
as to be able to bio-couple into the the quantum plenum and thus
transduce some of it's enormous energetic potential into the living
matrix of organic matter thus energizing and enlivening the living
matrix with a current or kind of inductive flux of this energy that
enables it to self-organize and overcome entropy and evolve toward
higher levels of complexity and order which is what living systems do.
There may be something unique about the geometry of the assembly of
organic molecules that enables this bio coupling and transductive
relationship with the quantum plenum whereas the molecular geometries
of inorganic matter do not resonantly engage the plenum even though
they are actually  arising out of it and not in any way separate from
The bio-crystalline geometries of living organisms should be
investigated with this hypothesis in mind. Perhaps there exists a kind
of geometry or pre-geometry enfolded in the implicate order within the
plenum of space that organic matter resonantly engages and couples
with ? Perhaps this kind of organic bio-transduction accounts for and
literally induces the mysterious subtle force field called variously
the life force, chi or the biofield that ACCOMPANIES living systems.
The autopoetic self organizing behavior of living systems may be
fundamentally enabled by just such an energetic exchange with the
geometrodynamic topologies of the quantum plenum of space.  Inorganic
matter just may not have the right geometries to engage the plenum the
way organic matter does.
It may very well be that the difference between living and non-living
systems ultimately comes down to the issue of the crystaline geometry
of their molecular assemblages. There maybe something geometrically
unique about the C-H-O-N based living matrix that comprises organic
chemistry that has a capacity to energetically, geometrically and even
perhaps topologically engage and transduce energizing streams of
etheric current from the quantum plenum which can be described as a
super-fluid aether,  and thereby utilize this extra energy in
fundamental processes involved in living systems.
This coherent field of the quantum plenum has the property of a
fundamental pre-quantum coherence that may well be the underlying
basis of the important property of quantum coherence which is turning
out to be of fundamental importance in understanding the living matrix
of organic matter. This phenomena of quantum coherence is a situation
in which a large assemblage of quantum states comprising atoms and
molecules come into a stable quantum phase relationship such that
together they act as if they were in a single larger quantum state
amplifying quantum phenomena to the macroscopic domains such that
quantum phenomena manifest in domains typically dominated by the rules
of classical physics. Examples of this kind of quantum coherence are
superconductivity, superfluidity and lasers all of which manifest
phenomena characteristic of the quantum realm in the macroscopic
This would provide a new context for the life sciences in which the
vast range of new discoveries and ongoing developments in the physics
of quantum plenum and quantum electrodynamics would be explicitly
integrated into developing models of life and the bioenergetics of
cells and organisms. This would being about an integral synthesis
between physics and biology at the most fundamental level thus uniting
both disciplines in an unprecedented integral synthesis. What you have
in a living organism is a self-organizing field that is more than just
the matter composing the organism...the bio field what is this bio
field ? There is a lot more to light than meets the eye. I believe
that hidden within the mystery of light there lies the potential for
an elegant precise and deeply satisfying resolution of the long
standing rift between science and spirituality.
I propose that living systems couple into this higher dimensional
light which is enfolded within the quantum plenum and translate some
of its pre-energetic potential into the energy that drives living
systems. This model involves some fundamentally new or extended
concepts of the nature of energy. Perhaps the source of the
"unexplained energy" driving living systems has been missed because IT
is not located in the third dimension. It is perhaps invisible and
enfolded in the dynamic quantum plenum. The exact nature of the
bio-coupling mechanism that effects the translation of the indwelling
energy potential of the quantum plenum into useful energetic current
which can supply the necessary force to augment bioenergetics such
that the "unexplained energy" mentioned above can be satisfactorily
explained has not yet been adequately articulated. Nevertheless I
believe that we have a powerful clue to this mystery in the fact that
there lies an indwelling resevoir of immense energy within the very
structure of space itself which radiantly pervades all living
organisms as well as all that arises into material form. It is clear
that material form - mass and matter -  is in fact nothing but a
specific class of dynamic modifications of this pervasive medium which
we call space. It is worthy to note that this perspective is precisely
congruent with the perspective articulated in the Heart Sutra of
Buddhism considered to express the pith essence of the Buddhist
teachings "Form is nothing but emptiness - emptiness is nothing but
form"  We are beginning to see the outlines of a very elegant
re-approachment between our scientific models and time honored
spiritual wisdom.
It is interesting to note that Light & Space are the two great common
metaphors  mystical spirituality (which has surpassed & transcended
anthropomorphic projections) uses to refer to the nature of divine
being. These are also two areas of focus in science that are
undergoing fundamental new thought and re-definition. It is thereby
interesting to look at whether these new and emerging scientific
perspectives are offering us an opportunity to redefine our scientific
framework in ways that are more congruent and continuous with the
spirit based frameworks of our spiritual traditions.

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